I will call Santa Claus tomorrow,so please tell me christmas gift what you want


1.むらさきの空から - FISHMANS
2.Let Me Be the Fairy on Your Christmas Tree Tonight ー The School
3.The Blizzard - Camera Obscura
4.コケのクリスマス - コケストラ
5.Shoo Lie Loo - Elizabeth Mitchell
6.緑の旅人 ー YojikとWanda
7.No Mo Ho Ho Ho - Joel Rakes
8.オレンジ - Bonnie Pink
9.I can't Believe that Christmas - The Flying Colours
10.Noel ー Hiroumi
11.Noel(A love Song) - La Strada
12.きよしこのよる - Chara
13.Emily - The Palace Flophouse
14.On Chistmas Eve - Ross Brunetti
15.What are you doing Christmas Eve? -五島良子
16.The Holidays Are Here (we're still at war) - Brett Dennen
17.クスクスクリスマス(live in OOH LA LA)- アントアドア
Brett Dennen - The Holidays Are Here(we're still at war)